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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Low Mountain Archery


Since 2017, Low Mountain Archery has been serving customers from Emmett and surrounding areas as well as customers from other states that love the small town feel and the passion behind being able to help each customer with their unique needs. From kids to adults, 3D shooters, hunters and even bow fishers, we carry all the gear needed to shoot and maintain their bow, as well as all the equipment necessary for a wide variety of archery practices. We also service bows and tune them to each individual archer giving them the ultimate success. 


My Story

My name is Nick Holloway and I am the founder and owner of Low Mountain Archery I have a true passion for anything hunting, fishing and the great outdoors. I share my love and passion with my 6 children and can often be found roaming the hills for big game or standing on the riverbanks catching fish.  It all started with a twig and a string hoping to catch a fish out of a mud puddle as a young boy. I was Fortunate to have an uncle that was an avid archer and  fisherman  and at this point had given me most of my equipment as  hand me downs. After years of practicing  I finally felt confident in my ability to set up my own bow. It wasn't long before I was doing it for just about everyone I knew and I was simultaneously doing it with firearms at a friend's house where I was able to see and be part of many gun builds and refinishing them making parts with a file and stone. I am very grateful for the people  that took the time to share with me as a young man and instill in me the desire to share the knowledge and passion of archery, firearms and fishing. 

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